New ALLSCAPE® Downlights Provide An Uplifting Design Statement

New Product: BL225/226/227 – Family of cylindrical-shaped pendant, building and pole mounted high performance downlights.

Design: Industrial designer Art Smith, in collaboration with the ALLSCAPE® in-house design team.

Manufacturer: ALLSCAPE®, a Philips group brand.

Product Applications: BL-225/226/227 Downlights provide crisp, high-performance outdoor downlighting, with uplighting and aiming options. They are suited for a range of large public and private spaces including building entryways; exterior building walls adjacent gardens, parks and other grounds features, on outside and inside parking garage walls.

They can also be specified for ready applicability on pedestrian bridges and tunnels, as well as on interior building lobbies, corridors and basement levels.

Product Description: BL-225/226/227 Downlights have classic cylindrical housings with completely smooth outer surfaces, no visible hardware and no sharp edges. Lenses are surrounded on each model by a body-colored trim ring, held in place by eight captive stainless-steel Allen cap screws flush with the ring, maintaining each unit's crisp design from any viewing angle.

Model BL-226, a surface-mounted downlight, is ideal for flat, low ceilings. BL-225 is a pendant-mount downlight with a 1-inch diameter aluminum suspension pipe that can be specified to custom lengths. The wall-mount downlight comes in three versions: BL-227-D provides downlighting only; BL-227-U provides uplighting only and BL-227-UD provides both downlighting and uplighting. Housings measure 12.25-inches in diameter and 18.55 inches in length; BL-227-UD measures 35.80 inches in length.

A comprehensive range of options and accessories include:

  • A vandal-resistant lens cover, Convex Guard for use in pedestrian areas.
  • A 360º rotational Porthole, ideal for aiming light an additional 30º in the desired direction, while controlling downward glare into pedestrian areas.
  • An optical Surface Wash Reflector/Refractor system, for washing the ground in downlight models and lighting canopies in uplight models.
  • A rotatable, external Directional Shield that reduces glare in pedestrian areas.
  • A choice of Lenses, clear flat, linear spread, radial spread or glass color filters.
  • Standard Reflectors, flood, fluorescent, lamp assembly, surface wash or spot.
  • Porthole Reflectors, floor, spot, fluorescent or lamp assembly.
  • Glare Control shield or Hex Cell Louvers.

The standard external lens is a 7/16-inch clear tempered, flat borosilicate glass, sealed to the housing with a high-temperature injection-molded silicone gasket. Lens frames are heavy-duty die cast aluminum, fastened to housings with eight captive stainless steel Allen cap screws.

Reflectors are spun aluminum with a highly specular Alzak(tm) finish; they are field adjustable up to 25º tilt and rotate horizontally 360º. ALLSCAPE's BL-225/226/227 family is ETL and CETL listed for wet locations, and IP 65 rated.

Construction and Finishes: BL-225/226/227 housings are constructed of roll-formed .080-inch aluminum and heavy-wall aluminum castings. Chip- and fade-resistant high-quality baked enamel finishes are offered in Black, Bronze, Gray, Green, Natural Aluminum or White, standard. Custom colors may be specified.

Ordering Information: Literature, specifications and pricing for high performance downlights are available from

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